The Importance Of Tracking Your Personal Finances


It is very important to manage your personal finances in order to meet your personal financial goals. You should keep track of your expenses and also your assets and liabilities.

Track Your Spending

Most people do not have a clear idea where their money is going. Even though they make a good salary, they might still be struggling financially, and have lots of debt and no savings. Tracking your spending is the most important financial action you can take because it shows where you are wasting money and can help you make informed decisions.

For example, you may be spending 200 dollars per month on coffee, or 500 dollars per month for lunches. Once you know where exactly your money is going you can make informed decisions. For example, you may decide to make your own lunches and take them to work. Tracking is the most powerful technique available for your financial wealth. It will help you get rid of debt and increase your savings.

Put Your Saving on Auto Pilot

Once you have controlled your spending by tracking it, you will have money left for saving and investment. Put your investing on autopilot by having a certain percentage of salary automatically deducted from your account. This is a powerful method of investing because of the automatic deduction you will not miss the money at all. Another advantage is that since you are investing a fixed amount every month you are taking advantage of dollar cost averaging.

Max Out Your 401k Contributions

You won’t believe how many people do not max out their 401K contributions. Maxing out your 401K contributions is a no-brainer since those contributions are not taxed. Also, many companies match your contributions and you don’t want to lose those free dollars.

Track Your Investments

You should track investments and take corrective actions if they are deviating from your goals. You should try to invest in index funds because the costs are very low compared to managed funds.

Utilize Free Software

The tools you use to track your personal finances can be as simple as an excel spreadsheet or more sophisticated software. There are several free personal finances software available which you can utilize. You can make use of online services, like Mint. It will help you budget and keep track of your finances.

Tracking your personal finances is very important for your financial health, to get out of debt, and to have substantial investments.